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We are providing a comprehensive package covering all aspects of solar O&M, monitoring and reporting services, guaranteeing optimal performance and production.

By trusting renu energy to be your service partner, you secure the services of a team of dedicated experts, supporting all your assets across the entirety of their lifespans.

Our partnerships span the entire lifecycle of a solar installation. System components are backed by manufacturer warranties. This long-term commitment allows us to monitor, maintain and operate your assets to the very best of our ability, securing maximum returns from beginning to end.



Renu takes full responsibility for providing spares and replacement parts and we pride ourselves on always sourcing the best technology, regardless of brand or manufacturer.



Watch your system perform in real-time.
Intelligence is built into your Renu Energy System. Online or on your phone, you can view information such as power generation & battery charge level, in real-time.



We understand that the main focus for every solar asset owner is securing revenue, and the best way to do that is to maximize solar generation. Renu work with owners to optimize every site, keeping generation rates as high as possible.


Providenciales | Turks and Caicos Islands | TKCN1ZZ

+1 (649) 231-7365

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